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Vision and Mission Statement

Standard Carbon of Ohio

Service has been and continues to be the cornerstone of our reputation, central in our focus to achieve our vision and goals. We at Standard Carbon are committed to fully satisfy our customers requirements and to continually strive to improve everything we do to create value for our customers with our products and service. Our commitment to you, our customers, is to be the best professional service organization in our prospective field.

Standard Carbon of Ohio operated in the Ohio Valley and was originally founded in 1930, serving the metals industry for fifty seven years. The company was sold to an international group in 1987 while retaining some of the original staff. The present staff has well over 100 years of experience in service to the industrial market. The original product offerings were carbon brushes, brush holders, and contacts for the steel and aluminum industry. We have expanded that product offering to include Carbon and Graphite Material products, machined carbon and graphite, carbon/carbon material, carbon and graphite cloth and felt.

We also offer a complete line of dust collection equipment and systems, bag houses, fume collection systems, industrial ventilation systems for metal, wood, and fibrous materials, motor room ventilation, oil mist specialists, strip cooling and drying, and rolling mill fume exhaust.

Standard offers general metal machining , fabrication design, build and assembly, and a complete line of motors and gear motors, AC DC, brushless DC products, motor controls and drives, renewal parts and motor repair.

Continue to look to Standard of Ohio for competitive Quotes, quality products, design assistance, product expertise and professional service for heavy duty industrial applications. We at Standard of Ohio look forward to making and keeping you as one of our satisfied customers.