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Standard Carbon of Ohio

Carbon Graphite Brushes
Quality industrial brushes for all industrial motors, and generators
Fractional Horsepower Brushes
Tool Brushes
Machined Carbon, and Graphite Products
No size limitation on machining
Carbon, and Graphite Material
Carbon, and graphite felt, cloth, tape, and yarn for all applications
Electrical Contacts
Contacts for all controls
Contacts refurbished
Brush Holders
New, and repaired
Dust Collection Equiptment
Bag houses
Fume collection systems
Industrial ventalation systems for metal, wood, and fibrous materials
Oil myst specialist
Motor room ventalation systems
Strip cooling, and drying
Rolling mill fume exhaust
Motors, and Gear Motors
AC, DC, brushless DC products, motor controls, and drives
Renewal parts, and motor repair
General Fabrication, and Machining
Die work
Injection molding
Machine building
Thermo-plastic molds
Wooden pattern turnings
Design, build, and assembly
Custom Molded Urethane Products